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Offline Dating is the refreshing, authentic alternative to online dating.

It’s the magical, meet-cute approach that happens in everyday places!

Here’s how to attract love in the real world…

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Because real love happens in the real world.

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(they met at Starbucks, not on Tinder)

3-step offline dating system

The Find Lasting Love Offline Formula

Using my proven, step-by-step system, attracting a quality partner without dating apps can truly be as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Build Authentic

First, you’ll uncover negative mindsets blocking you from love, upgrade your life, and boost your self confidence to a whole new level.

Create Emotional

Next, you’ll discover how to attract a quality man like a magnet, create an instant connection, and inspire him to ask you out.

Attract Loving

Finally, you’ll embrace your femininity, unlock your inner flirt, and go from first date into a loving relationship with the right man.

meet your offline dating coach

Hi, I'm Camille

As the #1 Offline Dating Expert, I'm here to help you date without apps.

I’m an award-winning writer, coach, and author of the best-selling book The Offline Dating Method.

 After years of overcoming my own social anxiety, I started creating meaningful in-person connections and discovered the alternative to online dating: dating IRL, the old-fashioned way!

Using my 3-phase system, the Find Lasting Love Offline FormulaI’ve helped singles in 130+ countries find romantic partnerships, and create better friend and family relationships.

I’ve taught over 100 live workshops and been featured in over 150 international media outlets, including The Atlantic, the BBC, and USA Today.

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free resources

Articles for Dating Offline

Explore the #1 collection of offline dating advice with authentic approaches and actionable next steps to create the life you want and attract the love you deserve – without dating apps. 

Release negative scripts, upgrade your life (and the people in it), and discover your unique self.

Exude approachability, connect effortlessly (with anyone), and create meaningful conversations.

Embrace your femininity, unlock your inner flirt, and choose the right man to build a wonderful life with.


Offline Dating Success Stories

Older Latina woman in straw hat and short brown hair

I found my best relationship EVER

“I found a new best friend and terrific relationship. Camille and her approaches encouraged me to be myself – I did this when I met a man through a mutual friend. 

She coached me through the stages of friendship to relationship… I give her all the credit for the best relationship I have ever had.”

- Mary E., age 59

White woman with red hair and freckles smiling at camera

I got my first ask-out in the real world

I had never been asked on a date from a casual encounter at a grocery store or on the bus or anything like that… 

But the very same evening after I was putting some of your advice into practice, a guy asked for my phone number! No joke!”

- Ellen S, age 30

Old woman with gray hair in glasses

Your coaching helped me attract my fiancé!

Camille, I’m getting married to the man of my dreams! He’s the one I met at a conference breakfast back when you and I started coaching together. 

I’m relocating to Kentucky to be with him and we’re planning our wedding. 

I’m so grateful for the work you and I did together to help me find him.

- Margaret W, age 64

white boyfriend in white shirt at cafe with black girlfriend dating without apps in the real world IRL

The Offline Dating Challenge

3 Steps to Attract Who You Want
in Under 30 Seconds

(without saying a word)

Get off the apps and start connecting in real life…

Click below to get your FREE Offline Dating Challenge!

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Work Together

No matter the level of support you’re looking for, my offline dating courses and offline dating coaching packages are here to help you get a date without apps – and so much more.

Digital Courses

If you enjoy applying tips on your own time, my digital courses are packed with everything you need to attract a great guy in the real world.

Personalized Coaching

If you want a custom approach with personal guidance, I’ll walk you step-by-step through my Find Lasting Love Offline Formula to attract a great man.

authentic TIPS + real life examples

#1 Best-Selling Book

I’ve packed some of my best tips, approaches, and action items into my best-selling book, 
The Offline Dating Method available in two editions for all readers…

3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World

The second edition, written for all genders and orientations with tips from the LGBTQ+ community.

“The Offline Dating Method is disguised as a dating book… it’s actually a witty manifesto on how to create connections in our tech-obsessed culture. Readers not only get the power to date in the real world, but also to live a more fulfilling life.” 

– Sonya, reader

How to Attract A Great Guy in the Real World

The OG edition, written for women who want to ditch dating apps and attract a quality man IRL.

“You don’t have to be sensitive, shy, or socially awkward to get A TON out of Camille’s material. I’ve already gotten 12 dates, 2 new clients, and some fun friends JUST because of her tips on how to be approachable.” 

– Dr. Cari O’Neal, Owning Your Sexuality

Both editions of The Offline Dating Method available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats.

I highly recommend The Offline Dating Method


“Everyone I know hates online dating. People lie. People flake.
Nobody’s profile is any good. You know the drill. 

Let’s face it: nothing is better than connecting with someone in real life.

Enter my friend, Camille Virginia, author of the book The Offline Dating Method, which I want to recommend to you.

No matter how you feel about dating apps, if you’re not meeting men in the real world, you’re missing out on opportunities with quality men YOU choose.

So, if you’re burned out with online dating and want to create opportunity wherever you go, grab a copy and turbocharge your love life.” 

- Evan Marc Katz

dating coach for strong, smart, successful women

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The Offline Dating Challenge

3 Steps to Attract Who You Want - in Under 30 Seconds (without saying a word)

Get off the apps and start connecting in real life…

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