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Welcome to Offline Dating

Offline Dating is the art of meeting and dating people
in the real world and the authentic alternative to online dating. 

It’s the magical, happenstance approach that your parents, grandparents, and every one of your ancestors used
to attract their partner IRL (“in real life”).

Offline dating is making casual, enjoyable, everyday connections in places you already frequent – from the grocery store to an airplane to your local coffee shop.

Dating offline is so fun and easy, you won’t even know you’re doing it. Because it’s not another “To Do” or time-suck. 

It fits seamlessly into your life and helps you tap into the countless everyday opportunities to meet a quality partner that you’re currently missing out on.

offline dating for everyone

All Readers Welcome

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While my narrative tends toward helping single women seeking men to date without apps
(as that’s the perspective I can personally speak to), 
most of my advice is applicable to all genders and sexual orientations.

So, if you identify outside of a hetero female, let me extend a warm personal welcome!

No matter how you identify or which gender(s) you want to attract,
my free Offline Dating Challenge will help you find them in the real world.

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your alternative to online dating

App Fatigue, Online Burnout...

If you’re like most women who’ve tried online dating, you’ve probably had a less-than-stellar experience.

You’ve also likely seen few (if any) positive results from it.

The journey to find love online can feel like an endless, time-consuming job search filled with harassing messages, lies, and the constant sting of rejection by men you’ve never even met.

Research continues to show that dating app use has a direct correlation to body shame and higher rates of depression.

On top of that, online dating companies have every incentive to keep you single – i.e. their customer – and modeled apps after addictive casino games to ensure it. 

So you keep swiping, keep scrolling, and keep hoping your perfect match is just one more profile away.

It’s no wonder only 17% of marriages start online!

Even if you’re one of the few who meets a spouse online, you’re now six times more likely to get divorced compared to your friends who met their partners in college or through their family or friends via old-fashioned dating.

Going even deeper, studies have revealed that despite the fact that technology making us more “accessible” than ever, three out of four Americans struggle with loneliness.

If any of that resonates with your own experiences, please know you’re not alone. Because the reasons why dating isn’t working for you – especially the apps – are not your fault.

It’s time to ditch the online dating circus and take back control of your love life with a more authentic alternative…

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Source: eHarmony

Journalist Alissa Trumbull smiling in glasses and blue sweater

"Camille helps women step into their 'once upon a time' stories, transforming wishes of princes and gentlemen into face-to-face conversations and meaningful dates."

- Alyssa Trumbull

Author & Contributor, Ms. Career Girl

6 reasons why offline dating > online dating

The Offline Dating Advantage

Most high-quality men aren’t wasting their time online, swiping the day away.

They’re out and about in the real world learning new things, working toward their goals, living a fulfilling life – and looking for a woman, like you, who’s doing the same.

Here are six key advantages of meeting your potential partner offline (dating IRL without the apps)…

#1 enjoy zero Competition

Knowing how to catch a man’s eye and strike up a conversation means no more competing against thousands of other women online. 

When you date without apps In the real world, men are focused exclusively on you and only you.

#2 instantly confirm the basics about him

With 53% of Americans lying in their online profile, meeting IRL means a guy can’t fib about his age or looks.

Dating IRL allows you to instantly confirm the basics, preventing emotional attachment to a guy who isn’t who he claims to be.

#3 save precious time + energy

Millennials alone waste an average of 10 hours per week on dating apps – and most don’t even get a date from it. 

Offline dating helps you attract men as you go about your day – like getting asked out by that guy at the dog park, the old-fashioned way.  

#4 have way more fun than online

What if you could get a date without apps while waiting in line at the deli? 

Or drop by a friend’s barbeque and meet your future boyfriend? 

Those are just a few of my clients’ many offline dating successes that happened while simply out having fun!

#5 feel highly valued by men

People value what they put effort into. Online dating is so accessible, many don’t value others they meet there. 

In the real world, you can’t hide behind a screen, so your interactions become more thoughtful and higher quality – i.e. men place a higher value on you.

#6 find a better relationship

Only 1 in 5 relationships begin online.

When you’re simply being yourself in the real world, you’re likely to attract a man who likes you for the real you. 

Plus, offline dating relationships have been proven to be more successful and last longer than online.

meet your dating coach

Hi, I'm Camille

I’m an award-winning writer, coach, and author of the best-selling book The Offline Dating Method.

 Through years of gradually overcoming my own social anxiety, I mastered the art of in-person meaningful connection – and found myself getting more dates than I knew what to do with!

Using my 3-phase system, the Find Love Offline Formula, I’ve helped singles in over 130 countries improve their relationships across every aspect: friendship, career, family, and romantic.

As the #1 Offline Dating Coach, my unique material has been recommended by thousands of clients, readers, therapists, and top dating professionals. 

I’ve taught over 100 live workshops and been featured in over 150 international media outlets, including The Atlantic, the BBC, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and ELLE.

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a refreshing + unique dating approach

The World's #1 Offline Dating Expert

Check out my 3-minute media reel to learn more about me, my credentials, and my unique Offline Dating approach…

I recommend The Offline Dating Method


“Everyone I know hates online dating. People lie. People flake.
Nobody’s profile is any good. You know the drill. 

Let’s face it: nothing is better than connecting with someone in real life. 

Enter my friend, Camille Virginia, author of the book
The Offline Dating Method, which I want to recommend to you

No matter how you feel about dating apps, if you’re not meeting men in the real world, you’re missing out on with quality men YOU choose.

So, if you’re burned out with online dating and want to create opportunity wherever you go, grab a copy and turbocharge your love life.” 

- Evan Marc Katz

dating coach for strong, smart, successful women

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my unique 3-phase system

The Find Love Offline Formula

When you’re tired of endlessly swiping with no results to even show for it,
I invite you to try a better, faster, more authentic way to attract the love you deserve…

 …by tapping into your innate connection tools and seizing existing opportunities 
to find love – as you simply go about your day.

 I’ve developed a unique 3-phase system exclusively dedicated to dating without apps and showing you how to attract the right man in the real world by dating IRL…

Find Love Offline Formula graphic_with title

I’ve also created my signature online course, Find Love Offline,
which walks you step-by-step through my complete, proven method.

The course goes well beyond simply attracting men in the real world, the old-fashioned way. 

It shows you how to become your best, most confident self, live a more fulfilling life,
achieve your long-term goals, and much more.

Because if you want to attract a quality man, you first have to become a quality woman.
I’ll show you exactly how to do it in Find Love Offline.


Offline Dating Success Stories

Older Latina woman in straw hat and short brown hair

I found my best relationship EVER

“I found a new best friend and terrific relationship. Camille and her approaches encouraged me to be myself – I did this when I met a man through a mutual friend. 

She coached me through the stages of friendship to relationship… I give her all the credit for the best relationship I have ever had.”

- Mary E., age 59

Asian woman in white blouse and blonde hair smiling

You helped me meet my husband

“Thanks for your hand in snagging my boyfriend…

I am the happiest I have EVER been in a relationship, and I 100% know your course materials helped!” 

One year update: Gen is now married to that lucky man!

- Gen M., age 32

White woman with red hair and freckles smiling at camera

I got my first ask-out in the real world

I had never been asked on a date from a casual encounter at a grocery store or on the bus or anything like that… 

But the very same evening after I was putting some of your advice into practice, a guy asked for my phone number! No joke!”

- Ellen S, age 30

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"Camille is the master coach for women who are trying to meet men offline - she's a social skills ninja!"

- Jason Silver

founder, Attract great guys

6 ways i can support you

Work Together

No matter the level of support you’re looking for or what your budget is,
my offline dating courses and offline dating coaching packages are here to help you.


bite-sized tips to meet men

The Offline Dating Starter Kit

3 Steps to Meet a Great Guy IRL

Offline Dating Starter Kit white first aid with red heart

My simple 3-step process to tap into everyday opportunities to meet great men by dating IRL.

the complete system to attract love

Find Love Offline

60 Days to Attract the Right Man in the Real World

Find Love Offline brown woman white man holding hands against sunset-1

My proven 3-phase system shows you how to attract – and keep – the right man without using apps.


60-minute session

Love-Life Boost course image of launching rocket with heart-shaped window

A quick support session to break through a specific dating challenge to achieve your dating goals.

3 coaching calls

Roadmap to the Right Man course image roadmap has heart destination

I’ll create a custom roadmap to help you attract the right man IRL going at your own pace. 

3 months 1:1 calls

Confidence Connection Commitment course image two wedding rings blue jewel

My deepest level of support – which always gives my clients the fastest and most powerful results. 

group coaching

Offline Dating Academy course image heart-shaped graduation cap with tassle

A community of incredible women being coached by me through my Find Love Offline Formula.

Camille gets us back into the open, random encounter mindset

“Growing up with Sleepless in Seattle-type movies, that’s what you picture your adult dating life to be like – but it’s changed. 

The thing I love about what Camille teaches is it’s getting us back into that open, random encounter mindset. 

So many people want that, but they’re still online dating and not interacting with people in public. 

Talk to Camille, she’ll give you 10 ways to do it.

- Michelle Shea-Walker

intuitive coach and magic maker

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