The Offline Dating Challenge

3 Steps to Attract Who You Want in Under 30 Seconds (without saying a word)

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Truly a breath of fresh air

“There are so many women burned out with online dating.
Camille and her approach are truly a breath of fresh air.”

- Kathleen M., age 30, workshop student

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the OFFLINE DATING challenge

3 Steps to Attract Who You Want
in under 30 seconds

(without saying a word)

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Your tips worked like a charm in Israel, too

“I tried going out alone to a pub – and it worked! I sat at the bar, and in less than 20 minutes someone walked up and asked to sit by me, and 10 minutes later he asked me out.
I tried to apply all the things you said like smiling and not looking at my phone.
This is now international – the things you say worked like a charm in Israel, too :-)”

- Reuma F., 40, subscriber

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I got a date at Starbucks – my first offline date EVER

“What surprised me most is that there are plenty of guys that would be open to conversation –
I just didn’t know how to spot them! I went on a date last night with someone I met at a Starbucks, and he specifically told me that all it took was a smile for him to want my number. So simple and doable! I used all of your approachability tips.
I knew he was single because he kinda looked at me when I walked in, I caught his eye because I had on a nice outfit, and so when I saw him look I smiled, and he just said hi!
I have NEVER been asked out in a random daytime place by a stranger until now. Thank you!

- Nina S., 25, subscriber

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