3-month group coaching program

The Offline Dating Academy

90 Days to Attract the Right Man in the Real World

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Trying to navigate the dating world to attract your forever partner can feel incredibly lonely, like you’re wandering aimlessly in the desert hoping a tall, dark, and handsome oasis of a man suddenly appears.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you’re tired of going it alone and want a step-by-step plan to attract your beloved, all while being supported by a community of amazing women, look no further than The Offline Dating Academy. 

The Academy is a 3-month virtual LIVE group program where I’ll personally lead you and our group of like-minded single women through my full 3-phase system The Find Love Offline Formula. 

It includes weekly trainings, personal coaching, and Q&A calls so you always feel supported.

You'll also get access to our members-only online group where you can ask questions and celebrate wins with our tight-knit group of ladies.

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You can also upgrade to the VIP Level, which includes everything mentioned above as well as three private coaching calls with me and text/voice access to me throughout the program.

This provides you with an extra layer of guidance and support so you can ask me questions privately and get personal accountability as you progress toward attracting love in the real world. 

The Academy only opens once per year, so join the waitlist to learn when doors open next!

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Investment: $2,797

(or 3 monthly payments of $997)

VIP-Level Investment: $3,997

Includes three 60-min private coaching calls + text support with Camille

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Coaching Results to Expect

After coaching for over a decade, I’ve helped thousands of singles across six continents attract a loving, committed partnership. 

But the results my clients have achieved go well beyond just attraction and companionship…

When we coach together, I’ll help you transform into your best self and live a more fulfilling and connected life across all aspects.

Here are some results I've helped my clients achieve...

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proven step-by-step system

What is the Find Love Offline Formula?

I’ve taken over two decades of personal growth, life lessons, and client successes to develop a 3-phase system to help you not only attract the right man but also boost your confidence and create a great life.

When you work with me as your dating coach, I’ll tailor my system to your challenges, goals, and lifestyle, so you have a customized approach and personalized toolkit to attract the right man for you in the real world.

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Phase 1 is building confidence – we’ll start out by helping you…

Phase 1: Confidence

Phase 2 is creating connections – I’ll show you how to…

Phase 2: Connection

In Phase 3, I’ll show you how to inspire the right man to commit to you…

Phase 3: Commitment

program overview

The Offline Dating Academy

90 Days to Attract the Right Man in the Real World

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Get a customized roadmap to attract the right man with 4 weeks of on-demand support from me. 

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Investment: $2,797

(or 3 monthly payments of $997)

VIP Investment: $3,997

Includes three 60-min private coaching calls + text support with Camille


Coaching Client Praise + Success

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Asked out at Walgreens

My dating life has been more active in the past few months since working with Camille than ever before. 

I’ve met four guys while out and about and went on dates with them all! I even went on a date this past week with a guy I met at Walgreens, lol. 

I’ve been having a ton of fun going on dates with quality guys. I want women to know that it is possible to date without these apps, which everyone agrees are horrible. 

I don’t think I’d be in this place if it hadn’t been for you, so thank you. 🙂 

- Tanya S., age 36

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Got a date at the gas station!

The Offline Dating Academy was very organized and had excellent tips that felt very naturalCamille made me instantly made me feel comfortable from our very first call together. 

I left feeling motivated to try out a few new tactics – and shortly after, I got asked out by the guy pumping gas next to me! So crazy. 

I’ve been trying her femininity tips and I think they’re working!

- Patti J., age 28

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I met my partner
thanks to you

I attended your training last year , because I wasn’t sure how introverts managed to date offline. 

You said “If a man strikes up a conversation, assume he’s interested.” Truly, this thought was a revelation – and gave me the confidence boost I badly needed. 

I’ve been dating my partner for a year now after meeting at a Meetup event. I’m head over heels! All in all, he’s an excellent human. And so, I suspect, are you Camille. 

- Kathy F., age 58

Let's see if we're a fit

Is a Dating Coach Right For You?

coaching is *great* for you if...

coaching is *NOT* for you if...

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Much of the program is within a group setting, but I love to offer personal support along the way…

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Your Questions, My Answers

Click the + sign to see the answers to each question…

When you and I coach together, either privately one-on-one or in a group program, I’ll tailor my proven system, the Find Love Offline Formula, to you and your dating and relationship goals. Depending on the coaching package, you’ll get personal support and accountability from me as we walk through the 3-phase system to ensure you always stay on track and keep moving forward toward your goals.

The clients who get the best results with me are ones who have done – or at least started doing – the inner work to gain self-awareness, take responsibility for their choices that have brought them to this point in life, and are ready to take action toward their long-term life goals. When you and I coach together, we’ll take that work you’ve done to the next level so you can achieve your goals in a way that feels aligned and exciting – and much faster than you could achieve on your own.

My online courses are pre-recorded trainings that provide content from my signature system the Find Love Offline Formula and perfect if you’re on a budget and/or don’t need personal support. My coaching packages are the chance to work with me directly, either 1:1 or in a group setting, where I’ll personally support you and, depending on the package, be able to customize my Find Love Offline Formula to you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Therapy is typically about reflecting upon and healing from past experiences. When you and I coach together, we’ll touch on your past, but our primary focus will be on what actions and perspectives shifts need to happen in the present so you can create the future you desire.

I’m currently accepting applications for my three private coaching options – Confidence Connection Commitment, Roadmap to the Right Man, and Love-Life Boost – year-round. My group program, The Offline Dating Academy, is only open twice per year. Click here to join the waitlist so you’ll be the first to hear when it next opens!

Find Love Offline has helped thousands of women around the world attract a loving, committed partnership.

But what you really get is so much deeper than just attracting men…

The course will show you how to transform into your best self and live a more fulfilling life across all aspects.

Here are some results I’ve helped my students achieve:

➔ Ellen was asked out IRL right after my workshop
➔ Jenessa is attracting more men than ever before
➔ Anna found a wonderful boyfriend who adores her
➔ Alexa got engaged and is planning her wedding! 
➔ KC got married – and just welcomed her baby boy
➔ Mary just moved in with her boyfriend!

Going beyond dating and attraction, my students have experienced other life-changing results like…

➔ Tricia set boundaries with a bullying family member
➔ Margaret made four new female friends 
➔ Heather found a real estate agent after going to a party by herself (which she couldn’t do before)
➔ Jessica found the confidence to apply for a new job and has moved to a new city for it!

Short answer: Nope! As a heterosexual woman, I naturally speak to the challenges and goals of single women seeking men, as that has been my own personal experience.

However, 90+% of my advice is simply how to create meaningful connections with anyone – and I have successfully coached men (both heterosexual and gay), bisexual women, non-binary people, and lesbians. Plus, the second edition of my book, The Offline Dating Method, is applicable to all genders and sexual orientations.

So if you’d like coaching support from me, I encourage you to fill out an application so I can see if we’re a good fit to achieve your goals together!

Absolutely! I’ve coached clients across six continents as all sessions are done over phone or Zoom, so location is no issue. As long as you have a credit card or a PayPal account, then we can work together no matter where in the world you are.

The coaching package prices reflected on this page represent pay-in-full prices, which is slightly less than the payment plan prices. I don’t currently offer coaching scholarships, but am considering it for the future. If the coaching packages are out of range for you financially right now, I recommend checking out my more accessible online courses or browse through my free blog articles.

Unlike courses, my coaching packages are not refundable as I’m dedicating my time to personally customize my content to you and your goals. But rest assured that many of my clients have continued to want to work with me after our initial package ended because they enjoyed the support, accountability, and results we achieved together.

:: Complete accountability so you always stay on track and keep progressing toward your goals.​​

:: Concrete action items so you come away from every call with concrete next steps.​

:: The option of on-demand access to me via voice/text message so you have support as you need it.​

:: 100% confidentiality and 0% judgment so you can feel safe and secure in our work together.

:: All sessions done via phone or Zoom, from any location. I’ve coached clients on six continents.​

Still have questions?

I’m happy to answer them!
Just send an email to me and my team at support@masterofflinedating.com.