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Step-By-Step Support to Attract the Right Man

(without going online)

App fatigue, online overwhelm, feeling “swiped over”…

Why keep wasting hours online when you can tap into real-world opportunities to attract the right man? 

As the #1 OFFline dating coach and best-selling author, coaching with me is the fastest way to find him.

Choose from my 4 coaching packages at the level of support that’s right for you.

Work with me for 1 hour, 2 weeks, or 3 months
(it’s your choice!)

"I Found My Best Relationship EVER."

I found a new best friend and terrific relationship. Camille encouraged me to be myself and I did this when I met a man through a mutual friend. She coached me through the stages of friendship to relationship… I give her all the credit for the best relationship I have ever had.”

- Mary E., 59

here's the truth...

The Apps Don't Have Your Back

Fact: Dating apps are designed to keep you single.

It actually makes sense, right?

As soon as you find a relationship, the apps lose you as a customer – which makes them one of the few industries that only earns revenue by not giving its customers what they want.

That’s why apps are strategically designed to tap into humans’ addictive instincts by being modeled after casino games: to keep you constantly coming back for more.

You may think you’re just one profile away from your future partner, so you keep waiting, keep looking, keep swiping…

…wasting hours every week, every month, every year with little to no results to show for it. 

As one woman on Quora described the online dating world, in her own words…

Source: Quora

Do any of those awesome experiences sound familiar?

It’s no wonder 4 out of 5 couples still meet OFFline –
and stay together longer than couples who met online…

Source: eHarmony

Only 20% of couples met online

Or, put another way, 4 out of 5 committed relationships DON’T start online, with the majority of couples having met through friends.

Source: Metro UK

They're 6x more likely to divorce

If you happen to be the 1 in 5 relationships that does start online, bad news: you are 6 times more likely to divorce than couples who met OFFline.

you deserve better

It's Time for a More Authentic Approach

What if, instead of suffering through those terrible odds, you could finally ditch the dating apps

…and open up a new (real) world of opportunities to attract a quality man who’s ready for a relationship with you…

My coaching clients who’ve found a committed relationship OFFline while we worked together

and enjoy personal, step-by-step support from a trusted expert along your journey to find him?

the journey that led me to you

Meet Your Coach,
Camille Virginia

Hi, I’m Camille!

I’m the #1 OFFline Dating Coach, best-selling author, and founder of Master Offline Dating.

I give single women the tools to attract quality men in the real world – without having to brave the savage world of online dating ever again.

But it wasn’t always that way…

…I’m an introvert, and I grew up with social anxiety. 

I was super shy not just around men, but everyone. I could barely even look some people in the eye without blushing.

After years of taking small steps to overcome my fears, something amazing started happening…

…the number of times men asked for my phone number climbed into triple digits – without ever going online!

Friends kept asking for my advice on how to meet men, so I started teaching live workshops…

…which eventually turned into several online courses, so I could reach and support more women around the world.

After seeing the incredible results I was getting for my clients, I left my decade-long corporate career and started my business Master Offline Dating!

Through my workshops, coaching, courses, and books, I’ve helped thousands of women around the world attract great men without going online – and live their best life in the process!

Over the past decade, I have…

Featured in:

3-minute media "sizzle" reel

My Unique Approach + Credentials

Check out my media reel to learn more about me and my OFFline Dating approach…

your complete transformation

Coaching Isn't Just "Dating Advice"...

I’ve helped my clients around the world attract a loving, committed partnership. 

But the results my clients have achieved go well beyond just how to attract a good man…

I’ll help you transform into your best self and live a more fulfilling life across all aspects.

Here are just some of the aspects I’ve helped my coaching clients achieve…

Real examples of me supporting my coaching clients…

I offer my private clients unlimited text + voice message access to me in between our calls, for on-demand support

After years of getting incredible results for my clients, helping them transform into their best selves and proving these powerful attraction tips can work for (and on!) anyone

…I pulled all my best advice into a 3-phase system that provided a step-by-step system that helped my clients achieve incredible results even faster when we worked together…


The Find Love Offline Formula

3 Phases to Attract the Right Man in the Real World

(without using an app ever again)

I’ve taken over two decades of personal growth, life lessons, and client successes to develop a 3-phase system, called the Find Love Offline Formula, to help you attract the right man IRL.

When you coach with me, I’ll tailor my system to your challenges, goals, and lifestyle, so you have a customized approach and personalized toolkit to attract the right man for you in the real world.

In Phase 1 of the Find Love Offline Formula, we’ll reveal any mindset roadblocks that are holding you back from attracting great men into your life, prioritize your goals to start living a more fulfilling life, and boost your self-confidence so you know the true value you bring to your partner…

Phase 1 is Building Confidence - We’ll start out by helping you…

In Phase 2, I’ll show you how to get into a State of Magnetic Approachability to attract men like a magnet, embodying consistency to showcase your authentic self, and create meaningful connections with everyone – including men you’re attracted to…

Phase 2 is Creating Connection - Next, You'll make better connections, and...

In Phase 3, I’ll give you my secrets to make sure the men you meet have the potential to be the perfect partner for you, show you how to embrace your femininity, unlock your inner flirt (which everyone has!) and steer from casual dating into a loving, secure partnership with the right man

Phase 3 is Securing Commitment - to go from dating to relationship…

how coaching works

Personalized Guidance = Fast Results

My unique coaching approach combines years of personal development and relationship experiencetwo decades of work experience – including a 10-year corporate consulting career – and my natural superpowers as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

I often attract fellow introverts and HSPs

The result is a powerful ability to quickly and deeply serve my clients with sensitivity paired with transformational breakthroughs and fast results.

I’m often able to get to the root of what’s stopping you from attracting a great partner within the first few minutes of our very first call together…

…and provide actionable next steps to move past it as quickly as possible, so you can attract the loving partner you deserve ASAP.

I'm able to get to the heart of your #1 challenge within minutes of our first call

Clients have described my coaching sessions as… 

So incredibly powerful…” 

“A game-changing reframe on my entire life…” 

…and “Like a conversation with a close friend who truly cares about me, gave me a fresh perspective, and broke down my goals into simple, tangible steps.”

Speaking at the International Love Coach Conference

When we coach together, you and I will go beneath the surface to understand the emotional blocks that have been stopping you from finding the love and life you desire, so you can finally achieve your dreams and attract an incredible partner.

We’ll decide which aspects of my Find Love Offline Formula apply to you and focus exclusively on those, so no time is wasted on ones you’ve already mastered.

You’ll get personal support and accountability from me to ensure you stay on track and keep moving toward the love and life you deserve – without ever going online again.

So you’re probably wondering… 

What kind of results can you expect while we work together in private coaching?

the coaching experience

3 Breakthrough Transformations

Coaching with me is truly about learning how to discover your authentic self and create meaningful connections with others…

…whether to make a new friend, get a hot date, or find your forever partner.

I’m not just showing you how to attract men. 

I’m giving you the power to live a more fulfilling way of life and create meaningful connections wherever you go.

After going through the program, every one of my clients has experienced results in at least 3 areas of their life


Their self-confidence has soared and they feel more empowered than ever to achieve their life goals. 

I’ve had clients launch side businesses, change jobs, and move cities – and they credited my coaching with helping them find the confidence to do it!

Quality People

The people they attract IRL are higher quality than the ones they’d met online – for both romantic and friendship purposes. 

That’s because offline dating encourages people to be more thoughtful and place a higher value on the people they engage with face to face.

Deep Fulfillment

They feel less lonely and more fulfilled than ever before – not just with men, but with their friends, family, colleagues, and community. 

Having the power to connect and achieve your life goals means you never have to feel alone again, no matter what your relationship status is.

Here are just some of the incredible results I’ve helped my clients achieve…

Other aspects of coaching with me include…


Offline Dating Coaching Praise + Successes


I met my husband! 

“Thanks for your hand in snagging my boyfriend…
I am the happiest I have EVER been in a relationship, and I 100% know your course materials and personal support helped!

One year update: Gen is now married to that lucky man!

- Gen M, 32


I’m getting TONS of dates

“Working with Camille made me feel the skills I’d wanted most – organically talking to guys, even the cute ones – were ones I’ve always had.
Putting away the nervous button as much as possible allows my relaxed side to show up, which allows people to feel like they have always known me. And now I’m getting TONS of dates!”

- Katherine F., 36


These skills feel so natural

“We’ve only been working together a month and I already don’t remember what it felt like to not be talking to everyone. It’s like I’ve forgotten what life was like before my time with you – these skills feel so natural!”

- Jenessa S., 28

pick your package

The 4 Coaching Options

There are four different coaching programs to help you achieve your dating and relationship goals. Which one is right for you?

Click a button below to jump to the details for that program…

60-minute session

For when you just need a quick support session to break through a mental block, overcome a specific dating challenge, and/or receive actionable next steps to achieve your dating goals.

3 coaching calls

We’ll create a custom roadmap of actionable steps – tailored specifically to you, your lifestyle, personal challenges, and goals. Plus 3 private coaching calls with me for support along the way.

3 months 1:1 calls

My deepest level of support – which always gives my clients the fastest and most powerful results. We’ll work closely together on weekly private calls for 3 months to achieve your top goals.

group coaching

An incredible community of like-minded women around the world being coached by me through my Find Love Offline Formula for 3 months. The Academy only opens twice per year – join the waitlist!

60-minute session

Love-Life Boost

If you’re feeling stuck in life or lost in the dating world and want next steps tailored specifically to you and your specific challenge, a powerful 60-minute Love-Life Boost session might be perfect for you

You’ll get instant support and guidance to break through the #1 hurdle you’re facing right now and actionable next steps to overcome it as quickly as possible.

Click the button below to confirm your order, then I’ll send you a short questionnaire so we can hit the ground running on our call together as well as details to schedule our transformational 60-minute call together. 

Here are examples of challenges I’ve helped clients overcome in one 60-minute Love-Life Boost session:

:: Challenge a deep-set insecurity and give self-confidence an instant boost
:: Provide comfortable ways to overcome anxiety and start casual conversations
:: Learn my simple 3-step system to get a date (or make a new friend!)
:: Renew hope that you can find love without the apps, even after years of dating disappointments
:: Discover how to screen for the right partner – so you don’t emotionally attach to the wrong one

 :: 60-minute private coaching call with Camille with breakthroughs + solutions to overcome your #1 love/life challenge.

Investment: $297

>>> To book a Love-Life Boost session, click the button below

3 coaching calls

Roadmap to the Right Man

If you’re feeling lost on your journey to finding the right partner, and you enjoy working independently, Roadmap to the Right Man will provide the step-by-step structure to achieve your goals in your own time. 

We’ll start with a 90-minute call together to do a deep dive into your current situation, challenges, and frustrations as well as your dating and relationship goals – including what your dream life with your perfect partner looks like.

By the end of the call you’ll have a customized roadmap for you with clear, actionable approaches tailored specifically to you and your goals, so you can start achieving them as quickly as possible. 

Over the next two weeks, you’ll apply the Roadmap approaches in your own time, with unlimited voice and text message access to me for on-demand guidance and support. 

Then we’ll hop on a 60-minute call to assess your approaches and go even deeper to reveal any hidden obstacles that have popped up (they always do!) so you can continue implementing the approaches over the next two weeks.

We’ll wrap up with one more 60-minute call to solidify your final Roadmap so you can confidently progress toward creating the life and attracting the love you deserve.

To get started, click the button to submit a short application so I can make sure we’re a good fit to work together and that Roadmap to the Right Man is the best level of support for you right now. Then, I’ll be in touch! 

:: We’ll create your custom Roadmap to reveal where you’re getting stuck + the tools to help you attract love ASAP
:: We’ll have two 60-min calls, 2 weeks apart, where I’ll show you how to achieve your goals at your own pace
:: You’ll have unlimited voice + text access to me in between calls for on-demand answers + support

Investment: $997
(2-part payment plan available)

>>> To apply for the Roadmap package, click the button below to fill out a short application

3 months of 1:1 calls

Confidence Connection

If you’re ready for a complete transformation into your best self, living your best life, and attracting the right partner in the real world, with expert support along the way, then Confidence Connection Commitment may be a great fit for you. 

This is my deepest level of coaching support, which means you’ll enjoy better results, faster than any other program. 

We’ll start with a free 60-minute Strategy Session, where I’ll learn more about your dating history, life experiences, and relationship goals, then create your custom Roadmap outlining the path to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 

If we decide to move forward working together, I’ll tailor my Find Love Offline Formula specifically to you and your goals and provide step-by-step approaches that will achieve your dating and relationship goals as quickly as possible.

We’ll spend the next 3 months on 60-minute weekly private coaching calls with action items that fit into your busy life – on your schedule and around your existing work and social plans.

You’ll also have unlimited text / voice messaging access to me for on-demand answers, accountability, and support.

Because of the deep level of support this program provides, I only work with a few clients each month who are truly ready for this level of investment and complete transformation. 

If this program speaks to you, please fill out a short application by clicking the button below and I’ll be in touch!

:: We’ll create your custom Roadmap to reveal where you’re getting stuck + the tools to help you attract love ASAP
:: We’ll work 1:1 together with weekly 60-min calls over three months to achieve your goals with my guidance
:: You’ll have unlimited voice + text access to me in between calls for on-demand answers + support

Investment: $3,997
(3-month payment plan available)

>>> To apply for Confidence Connection Commitment, click the button below to fill out an application

group coaching

The Offline Dating

If you prefer a community of incredible women helping each other achieve their dating goals, The Offline Dating Academy may be perfect for you. 

The Academy is a 3-month virtual LIVE group program where I’ll personally lead you and our group of like-minded single women through my full 3-phase system The Find Love Offline Formula. 

It includes weekly trainings, personal coaching, and Q&A calls as well as a private members-only online group so you can enjoy support from the community, ask questions, and share experiences from amazing women around the world. 

You can also upgrade to the VIP Level, which adds three 60-min private coaching calls with me and unlimited text / voice access to me through the program, so you can ask me questions privately and get on-demand support. 

The Academy only opens twice per year, with limited spots to ensure every member gets full support and attention.

:: I’ll lead our community LIVE through my 3-phase Find Love Offline Formula with weekly training and Q&A calls
:: You’ll have 24/7 access to an exclusive members-only online community of women supporting each other
:: Option to upgrade to VIP Level (three 60-min private coaching calls + unlimited voice/text access to me)

Investment: $997 for standard member / $1,997 for VIP member
(3-month payment plan available)

>>> To join the waitlist and be first to hear when The Academy opens next, click the button below

my clients are amazing!

More Offline Dating Coaching Praise

Let's see if we're a fit

Is Coaching Right For You?

coaching is *great* for you if...

coaching is *NOT* for you if...


Offline Dating Coaching Praise


Camille’s work is life-transforming 

“Working with Camille has been life-transforming – not only with dating, but in interacting with the world around me. I am so glad I joined The Offline Dating Academy.”

- Eileen P., 28


Camille is truly one of the best

“I’m so impressed with Camille and her ability to lead, coach, and inspire women to know that finding love is possible – she’s a class act and keeps it real. I highly recommend her to any woman seeking a fresh perspective with finding love and a long-term relationship. I truly consider her one of the best in the dating and relationship industry“.

- Lisa C, 58


Benefits of Offline Dating Coaching

instant benefits:

lifelong benefits:


Your Questions, My Answers

Click the + sign to see the answers to each question…

When you and I coach together, either privately one-on-one or in a group program, I’ll tailor my proven system, the Find Love Offline Formula, to you and your dating and relationship goals. Depending on the coaching package, you’ll get personal support and accountability from me as we walk through the 3-phase system to ensure you always stay on track and keep moving forward toward your goals.

The clients who get the best results with me are ones who have done – or at least started doing – the inner work to gain self-awareness, take responsibility for their choices that have brought them to this point in life, and are ready to take action toward their long-term life goals. When you and I coach together, we’ll take that work you’ve done to the next level so you can achieve your goals in a way that feels aligned and exciting – and much faster than you could achieve on your own.

My online courses are pre-recorded trainings that provide content from my signature system the Find Love Offline Formula and perfect if you’re on a budget and/or don’t need personal support. My coaching packages are the chance to work with me directly, either 1:1 or in a group setting, where I’ll personally support you and, depending on the package, be able to customize my Find Love Offline Formula to you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Therapy is typically about reflecting upon and healing from past experiences. When you and I coach together, we’ll touch on your past, but our primary focus will be on what actions and perspectives shifts need to happen in the present so you can create the future you desire.

I’m currently accepting applications for my three private coaching options – Confidence Connection Commitment, Roadmap to the Right Man, and Love-Life Boost – year-round. My group program, The Offline Dating Academy, is only open twice per year. Click here to join the waitlist so you’ll be the first to hear when it next opens!

Find Love Offline has helped thousands of women around the world attract a loving, committed partnership.

But what you really get is so much deeper than just attracting men…

The course will show you how to transform into your best self and live a more fulfilling life across all aspects.

Here are some results I’ve helped my students achieve:

➔ Ellen was asked out IRL right after my workshop
➔ Jenessa is attracting more men than ever before
➔ Anna found a wonderful boyfriend who adores her
➔ Alexa got engaged and is planning her wedding! 
➔ KC got married – and just welcomed her baby boy
➔ Mary just moved in with her boyfriend!

Going beyond dating and attraction, my students have experienced other life-changing results like…

➔ Tricia set boundaries with a bullying family member
➔ Margaret made four new female friends 
➔ Heather found a real estate agent after going to a party by herself (which she couldn’t do before)
➔ Jessica found the confidence to apply for a new job and has moved to a new city for it!

Short answer: Nope! As a heterosexual woman, I naturally speak to the challenges and goals of single women seeking men, as that has been my own personal experience.

However, 90+% of my advice is simply how to create meaningful connections with anyone – and I have successfully coached men (both heterosexual and gay), bisexual women, non-binary people, and lesbians. Plus, the second edition of my book, The Offline Dating Method, is applicable to all genders and sexual orientations.

So if you’d like coaching support from me, I encourage you to fill out an application so I can see if we’re a good fit to achieve your goals together!

Absolutely! I’ve coached clients across six continents as all sessions are done over phone or Zoom, so location is no issue. As long as you have a credit card or a PayPal account, then we can work together no matter where in the world you are.

The coaching package prices reflected on this page represent pay-in-full prices, which is slightly less than the payment plan prices. I don’t currently offer coaching scholarships, but am considering it for the future. If the coaching packages are out of range for you financially right now, I recommend checking out my more accessible online courses or browse through my free blog articles.

Unlike courses, my coaching packages are not refundable as I’m dedicating my time to personally customize my content to you and your goals. But rest assured that many of my clients have continued to want to work with me after our initial package ended because they enjoyed the support, accountability, and results we achieved together.

Still have questions?
I’m happy to answer them!
Just send an email to me and my team at

"Camille is a very genuine person."

“I invested in your coaching program right now because I don’t want to feel hopeless about dating anymore. I want things to change. And I felt that you actually care about my success and happiness. You seem like a very genuine person and that means a lot to me.”

- Jessica N., 45