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Whether you’re offline dating for the first time, or ready for a complete transformation into your best self to attract a great man IRL, my dating courses will show you how.

My material has been tested and proven by thousands of women who’ve used it to ditch the dating apps and attract the right man in the real world.

My advice is authentic, actionable, and based on every human’s innate need for social connection. Which means they work on – and for – absolutely everyone.

You have lifetime access to the on-demand recorded trainings, so you can go at your own pace and fit them seamlessly into your busy schedule.

All dating courses are narrated by me, as if I’m personally coaching you!

*Courses geared toward women seeking men, but have helped + received praise from people of many different genders and orientations

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The Offline Dating Starter Kit

3 Steps to Meet a Great Guy IRL

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My simple 3-step process to meet great men,
as you simply go about your day!

I’ll show you how to confidently walk into a coffee shopgrocery store, anywhere (even if you’re shy)…

…and capture the attention of any man you want – plus actual scripts of what to say to engage him.

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Find Love Offline

60 Days to Attract the Right Man in the Real World

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My proven 3-phase system to attract – and keep – the right man without going online.

I’ll help you unlock your inner social skills so you can attract – and keep – an incredible man IRL

…all while boosting your confidence and living a more fulfilling life across every aspect.

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Therapist-Recommended Material

“Professionally, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I choose authors who are intimate and insightful. 

From page one of her book, I felt connected to Camille, like I had met a kindred spirit who loves and studies intimacy. Tried and true. 

She knows what she’s talking about because she is what she’s talking about. 

She speaks with the ease of a professional and the comfort of a personal friend

Her research is spot on. She makes it clear from the beginning that she will share many strategies, and to go with the ones that resonate. It’s very liberating to know that you can start with any of the tools, few or many, and benefit from what she’s sharing. 

Camille professionally embodies everything I thrive for in therapy–to present intimate insights that are real.”

- Olatunde Howard

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

male therapist with black hair and brick background