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How to Ditch the Apps and Attract the Right Man IRL

Did you know 83% of marriages don’t start online?* 

Time to get off the online rollercoaster and tap into everyday opportunities all around you to attract the right man. 

My proven step-by-step system has helped thousands of women find a loving partnership – without going online. 

Want to know how they did it?

You Get 9 Modules In Total
(it’s like getting 9 courses for the price of 1)

*Source: the Statistic Brain Research Institute


Best-Selling Author Reveals "Find Love Offline" Formula

As the best-selling author of two Offline Dating books, I’ve helped women across six continents attract the right man in the real world – without ever going online. 

No profiles, no swiping, no more wading through endless matches and messages only to be continually disappointed.

Find Love Offline is my proven step-by-step system to attract the right man into your life.

I’ll show you how to unlock your innate connection tools that you already possess, so you can attract the man of your dreams…

…and also get more time back in your dayboost your self-confidence, and live a more fulfilling life across every aspect – career, health, friends, family, and more.

"Where are all the good men?"

Does this feel familiar...

If you’re like many single women who’ve come to me for help, this scene might resonate with you…

It’s Saturday night. You’re home alone.

After watching The Notebook for the umpteenth time (and wishing you had a sexy, supportive Noah of your own), you hop into bed and grab your tablet to check Facebook.

The newsfeed explodes.

Your cousin Jenny just had a baby? She’s ten years younger than you.

OMG. Your ex-boyfriend is engaged. Awesome.

Just what you want to see right now as a single gal sitting in bed alone at 9PM on a Saturday night.

You’re happy for those people, but you also want those same wonderful experiences for yourself…

And they seem far from happening any time soon.

You finally admit it: being single feels lonely. Really lonely.

And it’s not fair.

You’re awesome and have so much to offer the right man: successful career, close friends and family, and you make a mean spicy turkey chili.

You’re more than ready to meet a quality guy who appreciates you and is ready for a relationship.

You’ve tried all the online dating sites. All the new apps. Maybe you even hired a matchmaker.

But still, nothing.

You’re missing opportunities to attract love – but it’s not your fault….

There is something a lot more insidious at work…

Running rampant and keeping the odds stacked against you…

here's the truth...

Apps are Designed to Keep You Single

Dawoon Kang, co-founder of dating app Coffee Meets Bagel (source: ABC's Shark Tank)

It actually makes sense right?

As soon as you find a relationship, dating apps lose you as a customer – which makes them one of the few industries that only earns revenue by not giving its customers what they want.

That’s why apps are strategically designed to tap into humans’ addictive instincts by being modeled after casino games: to keep you constantly coming back for more.

You may think you’re just one profile away from your future partner, so you keep waiting, keep looking, keep swiping…

…wasting hours every week, every month, every year with little to no results to show for it. 

As one woman on Quora described the online dating world, in her own words…

Source: Quora


Any of those sound familiar?

Even online dating companies know you have a better chance of meeting your match in the real world, 
like this graph featured on eHarmony’s website…

Source: eHarmony


And if you happen to be one of the minority of people who finds love online, you now are faced with a chance of divorce 6 times higher than if you’d met offline…

Source: Metro, study by The Marriage Foundation


What if, instead of suffering through those terrible odds, you could ditch the dating apps for good…

…and open up a new (real) world of opportunities to attract a quality man who desires a loving, committed relationship with you?

I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

But first, who am I – and why should you trust me to lead the way for you?

the journey that led me to you

Meet Your Coach,
Camille Virginia

Hi, I’m Camille!

I’m the #1 OFFline Dating Coach, best-selling author, and founder of Master Offline Dating.

I help single women attract great men* in the real world – without having to brave the savage world of dating apps.

(*Tips geared toward women seeking men, but truly applicable to all genders and sexual orientations)

But it wasn’t always that way…

Socially awkward me, circa 1999

…I’m an introvert, and I grew up with social anxiety. 

I was super shy not just around men, but everyone. I could barely even look some people in the eye!

After years of taking small steps to overcome my social fears, something amazing started happening…

…the number of times men asked for my phone number climbed into triple digits – without ever going online!

My friends started asking how I was able to meet all these great men in real life.  

So, being a corporate consultant at the time, I created a PowerPoint presentation on how to engage to men and attract a date in the real world…

My friends loved it – and after applying my tips, they started getting dates everywhere they went too.

My friend Anne even credits that presentation with helping attract her husband Pete!

I saw that the powerful tools I’d discovered could create amazing results for other women too… 

…so I started my coaching business Master Offline Dating to help women everywhere attract great men IRL!

Over the past decade, I have…

Featured in:

the #1 offline dating expert

A Refreshingly Unique Approach

Check out my 3-minute media reel to learn more about me, my credentials, and my unique OFFline Dating approach…

Through my coaching, courses, and books, I’ve now helped thousands of women around the world attract great men without going online.

After getting such incredible results for so many people, I started thinking…

“There must be other people sharing these life-changing skills…right?”

So, I talked to all my dating coach friends and scoured the internet for other “offline” dating and attraction tools…

…and found none.



I couldn’t believe it, but…

No One Else Teaches These OFFline Dating Techniques.

There were terrible products about how to manipulate a guy into a relationship and articles trying to convince you that “dating is a numbers game…”

(like, if you’re not on 12 dating apps then you’ll never find a good match? Um, wrong.)

…and that “no one meets in person anymore!”

(despite research showing that the majority of couples today still meet OFFline)

With all that bad advice floating around, and knowing the power of my proven attraction tips…

…I pulled my best tips into a 3-phase system I could hand over to any woman, to help her attract the right man in her own life…

"Your method removes all the guesswork!"

I LOVE your 3-phase method – I can see exactly where I am in the process and what to do next. 

It takes all the guesswork out of trying to figure out all the things myself, and lets me just focus on taking the specific actions to help me reach my goals – and find my guy :)”

- Rachel S., 42

now, you might be wondering...

Who is Find Love Offline for?

Whether you’re burned out with online dating or simply want to make your journey to find the right man more enjoyable, Find Love Offline can help you.

you can attract the right man offline - even if...


Find Love Offline Success Stories


I found my best relationship EVER

“I found a new best friend and terrific relationship. Camille and her approaches encouraged me to be myself – I did this when I met a man through a mutual friend. 

She coached me through the stages of friendship to relationship… I give her all the credit for the best relationship I have ever had.”

- Mary E., 59


You helped me meet my husband!

“Thanks for your hand in snagging my boyfriend…

I am the happiest I have EVER been in a relationship, and I 100% know your course materials helped!” 

One year update: Gen is now married to that lucky man!

- Gen M., 32


I got my first ask-out in the real world

I had never been asked on a date from a casual encounter at a grocery store or on the bus or anything like that… 

But the very same evening after I was putting some of your advice into practice, a guy asked for my phone number! No joke!”

- Ellen S, 30


Find Love Offline:

60 Days to Attract the Right Man in the Real World

(without using an app ever again)

Only $197 for lifetime access
(or $77/month for 3-month payment plan)

"The results are all magic!"

“My personal trainer will tell me to do something and I’ll be like ‘Yeah, right’- but then he’ll tell me the steps to get there, how to break it down

That’s exactly what you do in your system with meeting people and dating. You give a specific, step-by-step roadmap to create an illusion that our results are all magic!”

- Kathleen M., 31

what is find love offline?

The Authentic Way to Attract Your Partner

While everyone is swiping their days away, I believe in a better, faster, more authentic way to attract an amazing partner…

That’s why I developed a step-by-step method to tap into opportunities as you go about your day.

My 3-phase system gives you the exact tools you need to attract the right man for you – and plenty of different approaches, so you can choose the ones that feel comfortable for you. 

Email from a student who loved the course

The tips in the course are authentic, actionable, and based on every human’s innate need for social connection, which means they work on – and for – absolutely everyone.

My method has been tested and proven by thousands of women around the globe who used it to ditch the dating apps and find the right man in the real world.

That’s how I know that when you apply these approaches they will absolutely work for you too.

You have lifetime access to the recorded trainings, so you can go at your own pace, fit them into your busy schedule, and reference the material whenever you need it.

It’s all narrated by me – as if I’m personally coaching you!

Comment from a course student

a course unlike any other

It's More Than Just "Dating Advice"...

in find love offline, you'll also discover...

Only $197 for lifetime access
(or $77/month for 3-month payment plan)

all the details

A Proven 3-Phase System

Phase 1: Building Confidence

First, we’ll reveal any mindset roadblocks that are holding you back from attracting great men, set goals to start living a more fulfilling life, and boost your self-confidence so you can discover your authentic self…

STEP 1 | Magic Mindset Detox: Create a clear path to the love you deserve

STEP 2 | Priorities Perfected: Downsize your To Do list so you can upgrade your life

STEP 3 | Secret Superpowers: Cultivate a sexy sense of self to feel worthy of love

I personally respond to student comments in the course

Phase 2: Creating Connection

Next, I’ll show you how to become Magnetically Approachable to attract men like a magnet (without saying a word), casual ways to break the ice, create a meaningful connection with anyone, and get a great guy to ask you out…

STEP 4 | Magnetic Approachability: Master the art of approachability to attract great men

STEP 5 | Effortless Engagement: Discover how to talk to any man without risk of rejection

STEP 6 | Asked Out Organically: Create instant connection + inspire him to ask you out

I love supporting my course students!

Phase 3: finding commitment

Finally, I’ll show you how to make sure a man has true partner potential, embrace your femininity, unlock your inner flirt (which everyone has!) and go from casual dating into a loving, secure partnership with the right man…

STEP 7 | Mr. Right Revealed: Receive crystal clarity on the right man for you

STEP 8 | Fascination Formula: Unlock your feminine assets to completely captivate him

STEP 9 | Casual to Committed: Navigate from first date to your own happily-ever-after


Your 3 FREE Bonuses

To make sure you have all the extra support you need to attract the right man in the real world, you also get these free bonuses when you grab Find Love Offline right now…

$30 value

Conversation Secrets
to Keep Him Captivated

70 of the best questions to ask a man to create an instantly deep bond.

$30 value

Insider Tips to
Reveal the Right Man

To help you ensure he’s the right man for you – in record time. 

$30 value

11 Irresistible

So you can jumpstart a flirtatious conversation with any man, anywhere. 

Therapist-Recommended Material

“Professionally, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I choose authors who are intimate and insightful. From page one of her book, I felt connected to Camille, like I had met a kindred spirit who loves and studies intimacy. Tried and true. 

She knows what she’s talking about because she is what she’s talking about. She speaks with the ease of a professional and the comfort of a personal friend

Her research is spot on. She makes it clear from the beginning that she will share many strategies, and to go with the ones that resonate. It’s very liberating to know that you can start with any of the tools, few or many, and benefit from what she’s sharing. 

Camille professionally embodies everything I thrive for in therapy–to present intimate insights that I know are real.”

- Olatunde Howard

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Everything you get in Find Love Offline...

:: 9 modules / 27 video trainings that walk you step-by-step through the system (value: $797)
:: 3 BONUS trainings so you have extra support and guidance as you need it (value: $90)
:: 9 BONUS workbooks so you can easily capture key points and insights (value: $97)
:: Lifetime access to ALL trainings, so you can learn at your own pace
:: Risk-Free 60-day refund policy so you can safely try out the entire course

TOTAL Value: $984

But I’m excited to offer you the entire course at an 80% discount…

$984 value

Your Price (for a limited time): Just $197

Or 3 monthly payments of $77

Click the button to get Find Love Offline at this low price, before it disappears…

sneak peek preview video

The Irresistible Woman

Wondering what the Find Love Offline video trainings actually look like?

Watch this video pulled directly from the course to discover how to transform into an Irresistible Woman with a little-known trick that works instantly (7:27)

my 3-phase method

The Find Love Offline Formula


More Offline Dating Success Stories


Found my husband offline!

“Camille gives a lot of specific dating advice, but also a lot of skills that are transferable to ALL kinds of social situations

What surprised me about the program most was how many new female friendships I’ve developed, and how easy it is to talk to anyone

It was a question of practicing skills that have not been used for years, and Camille gave me the framework within which to practice those skills and get comfortable with them again.”

“One year update: I just married a wonderful man I met through church! I’m so incredibly happy!”

- Margaret W., 59


I met my boyfriend in 3 steps

I’ve been working on some things from our time together and have snagged a great guy after making a few key changes: 

1) I’ve focused on putting more effort into my appearance and I’ve felt more confident & happier in general – when you look good, you feel good.

2) I’ve made an effort to be more approachable – making eye contact, smiling at people, striking up conversations in line. This all equates to a confidence boost

 3) Finally, I’ve focused on letting the guy be a man on dates. I’ve always been a little too independent but have now found a much better balance. Thanks again!

- Viki R., 43

Me speaking at the International Love Coach Conference

why get find love offline?

4 Reasons you'll love FLO

#1: Learn from the #1 expert + best-selling author

As the #1 OFFline dating coach (my material and I are the top-ranked Google search results) I’ve taught 100+ live workshops and been featured in 150 media outlets. I’m also an award-winning writer and best-selling author of the book The Offline Dating Method.

#2: Simple tips that work for (and on) everyone 

My simple yet powerful attraction tools work for anyone, because 90% of the course material applies to all humans – regardless of gender or orientation. I’ll help unlock your innate social skills (which you already have!) and tap into everyday opportunities to attract love.

#3: Unique material not found anywhere else

My tools are authentic, in-depth, and incredibly unique you won’t find this material anywhere else. While other dating coaches focus on short-term fixes (like how to re-write your profile for the 15th time), I help you create meaningful connections to live a more fulfilling life.

#4: Enjoy 60 risk-free days to try it out yourself

I want you to try the course 100% risk-free for 60 days. That means you can watch all the videos, apply the tips, and experience how this unique approach can help you finally attract the relationship you desire. If you don’t see results within 60 days, I’ll give you a full refund.


Your Questions, My Answers...

Find Love Offline is a go-at-your-own-pace online course where I’ll walk you through my 3-phase system to attract the right man in the real world – without going online.

It’s a step-by-step method tested and proven by thousands of women around the world and built on authentic and actionable tools, so you can choose the approaches that feel most comfortable for you.

The course takes you from feeling clueless as to why you’re still single and shows you how to find the loving partnership you desire and transforms you into a confident woman living your best life in the process!


I’ve had hundreds of men and people who identify outside of binary genders enroll in Find Love Offline and apply the advice with incredible success.

Because 90+% of my material applies to all humans.

As a hetero woman myself, I naturally share my advice from that perspective – but my content, resources, and tools can easily be used by and applied to absolutely anyone, whether you identify as a man, a woman, and/or a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Here’s a testimonial from a man who loved the course…


“Disclaimer: This review is from a guy’s perspective…

Let me begin by saying that I finished this course in one sitting. I started this course at night, and it kept me up till two in the morning. That’s how engaging the content is. It doesn’t hurt that the instructor is captivating and easy to listen to. The course is very well organized and professional. Never once was I lost or confused. Everything was covered sufficiently.

As for the content, let me say this as a guy: All women should take this course! The content was highly useful for me – and I wasn’t even the target market!

Everyone will find that this course without a doubt delivers on its claims. Finding an instructor like Camille who is authentic and helpful is amazing. I look forward to future courses!”
– Ray


I also have dozens of 5-star reviews of my book, The Offline Dating Method from straight men, gay men, married women, non-binary people, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you’re a man seeking a woman and have ever found yourself baffled by women – what we think about, worry about, our thought processes…

….then Find Love Offline will give you a sneak peek behind the curtains to help de-mystify ladies for you 🙂

No matter your age, living location, or busy schedule, you can get the power to find and build a loving, committed relationship with a great guy – without apps, swipes, or profiles.

My 3-phase system Find Love Offline gives you specific advice and actionable approaches that have been tested and proven by thousands of women, because the skills are based on your (and every human’s) innate need for social connection.

Find Love Offline will transform you into your best self and help you showcase your best self to attract a man who’s ready to build a long-term partnership with you.

It’s a step-by-step system that walks you through exactly how to do it – not just a bunch of random information to wade through on your own.


If you have a credit card or a PayPal account you can purchase the course and have it delivered straight to your inbox – no matter where in the world you are.

Find Love Offline has helped thousands of women around the world attract a loving, committed partnership.

But what you really get is so much deeper than just attracting men…

The course will show you how to transform into your best self and live a more fulfilling life across all aspects.

Here are some results I’ve helped my students achieve:

➔ Ellen was asked out IRL right after my workshop
➔ Jenessa is attracting more men than ever before
➔ Anna found a wonderful boyfriend who adores her
➔ Alexa got engaged and is planning her wedding! 
➔ KC got married – and just welcomed her baby boy
➔ Mary just moved in with her boyfriend!

Going beyond dating and attraction, my students have experienced other life-changing results like…

➔ Tricia set boundaries with a bullying family member
➔ Margaret made four new female friends 
➔ Heather found a real estate agent after going to a party by herself (which she couldn’t do before)
➔ Jessica found the confidence to apply for a new job and has moved to a new city for it!

Absolutely not. In fact, my approaches only work if you are authentic to your true self – and I show you how to discover your true self in Phase I 🙂

“I just finished workbook and got goosebumps writing down all the answers! I have heard people say ‘don’t use your will power but use your why power.’ Writing down the answers to your insightful questions has reminded me of all the why powers of myself.”
– Zenna W., 29, recently married

The course helps you embrace and showcase your authenticity so you can attract the right people into your life – including the right man.

There are absolutely no games, tricks or manipulation. Those will only attract the wrong people who are manipulative players themselves.

“I loved the push to be ourselves – our awesome selves.”
– Emily P, 26

My book, The Offline Dating Method, is only one phase of my 3-phase system The Find Love Offline Formula.

The course goes well beyond simply attracting a date – because once you meet a guy, you need to know how to make sure he’s the right one for you and steer “casual dating” into a committed relationship.

It also shows you how to prepare for meeting the right man by letting go of past relationship baggage, boosting your self-confidence, and living your best life.

Not only does the Find Love Offline course bring the material from my books alive, but the course contains material from my two unpublished books, which won’t be coming out for another few years.

The course also comes with bonus material that won’t be found in any of my books!

I’m happy to answer them!

Just send an email to me and my team at and we’ll answer any questions you have.


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You’ve had enough disappointments in your love life – this course won’t be one of them.

As the #1 OFFline dating coach and best-selling author, I take pride in creating the most unique, highest-quality content I can for my readers, clients, and students.

I’m so committed to helping you find an amazing relationship, and I believe so strongly in the results that Find Love Offline can give you, that I want to remove every reason you might not join this course that will transform your life.

So if you don’t see results in 60 days, I don’t want you to pay – I’ll give you a full refund.

find love offline

Your Fast-Track to a Real-World Relationship

Here are a few Fast Facts about Find Love Offline…


Imagine your life with the right man...

It’s Friday, 3PM. You’re at the office, trying to get as much off your plate as possible before the weekend.

 The back-to-back client meetings and sore throat you’ve been fighting aren’t helping.

Suddenly, a text pops up from your boyfriend, Aaron.

“Hey babe! Vietnamese takeout and movie tonight? Maybe some pho will help your throat. Love you!”

Aww, what a thoughtful guy! He always knows what you need, when you need it.

And to think you two almost missed the chance to meet each other…

Because up until a few months ago, you were single, burned out with apps, and felt overwhelmed with where to even start to meet a good man.

Until a few months ago when you joined Find Love Offline. Applying the approaches boosted your confidence and conversation skills – and you started meeting men!

Then came that fateful day, standing in the grocery store produce section, when a cute guy approached and asked you about the mango you were holding.

Thanks to Find Love Offline, you knew exactly how to steer his question into a date – and eventually, an amazing relationship with a man who absolutely adores you.


More Offline Dating Success Stories + Praise


I'm connecting everywhere!

Camille has great information not just about catching a man’s eye, but connecting with others in general. It’s amazing the attempts other people make at a connection that you can become oblivious to until someone like Camille points them out. I highly recommend working with her, whether you’re looking for a date or even a new addition to your circle of friends.”

- Michelle, S., 29


Articulate, inspiring, and authentic

“Camille is articulate, inspiring and authentic in her ideas, suggestions and approach to meeting guys and dating. I really enjoyed taking this course.”

- Vicki D., 44


Love that I can revisit the course for life

“You can only retain so much information from a workshop, or read a PDF so many times. Camille’s courses have so much more – like the video tutorials, personal stories and advanced techniques. I can go back and revisit those skills and stories as much as I want, learn at my own pace, and jump to any section.”

- Kathleen M., 31

if not now, then when?

Time Will Keep Passing You By…

There’s almost nothing as painful as waking up one day to realize life is passing you by, and you’re not living it the way you want to.

You know that, deep down, if you don’t start doing something differently in your dating life, you may never find that incredible man who’s just right for you.

The man who is kind, supportive, takes the lead, is a great listener – the one you plan your vacations with, share your home with, and build your future with. 

The man who deeply loves and adores you and only you.

It also means a year from now you will likely be in the same position you are right now.

Getting food at the grocery store to make a meal for one.

Trying to get your married friends to go on vacation with you – or just going by yourself.

Going out to dinner with a girlfriend on a Saturday night only to find yourself surrounded by happy couples everywhere, giving each other the lovebird googly eyes.

It doesn’t have to be that way though – if you take action right now.

Why keep trying to figure things out by yourself when can use a proven, step-by-step system that shows you how to finally meet the right man in the real world?

No matter who you are, how old you are, or where you live, you can find the right man for you – without using any technology.

You can have that secure, loving relationship with him that you’ve always wanted.

I promise it’s not hard – if you have the right roadmap to do it.

I’m here and ready to hand you my step-by-step roadmap right now…

last chance...

Grab Find Love Offline now

:: 9 modules / 27 video trainings that walk you step-by-step through the system (value: $797)
:: 3 BONUS trainings so you have extra support and guidance as you need it (value: $90)
:: 9 BONUS workbooks so you can easily capture key points and insights (value: $97)
:: Lifetime access to ALL trainings, so you can learn at your own pace
:: Risk-Free 60-day refund policy so you can safely try out the entire course

TOTAL Value: $984

But I’m excited to offer you the entire course at an 80% discount…

$984 value

Your Price (limited time): Just $197

Or $77/month for a 3-month payment plan

Click the button to get Find Love Offline at this low price, before it disappears…