How to Get Through the Entrepreneurial ‘Trough of Sorrow’

It's not easy being an entreprenuer, especially in the Trough of Sorrow.
GrowthLab Trough of Sorrow graph with labeled points

The Trough of Sorrow

In the startup world, there’s a famous chart that investors like to show entrepreneurs to demonstrate the emotional roller-coaster of starting a business. 

First, you get your business idea and you get REALLY excited.

Kind of like in dating – it’s the honeymoon period of newness and discovery.

But soon, the hard work required dawns on you and the setbacks begin to test your resolve.

So IWT asked a few of their Zero To Launch grads – including me and my business, Master Offline Dating – to share in their own words how we dealt with the inevitable down times after the excitement wears off. 

Here’s the behind-the-scenes story on starting, growing, and running your own business… 

GrowthLab’s How to Get Out of the Pre-Launch “Trough of Sorrow” 

Camille Virginia
Camille Virginia

After graduating from Santa Clara University with a degree in Marketing, I worked in the corporate consulting world for over a decade before starting my business Master Offline Dating to help singles attract love in the real world.

But my true passion (and the secret sauce to my clients' incredible results) is helping people create more meaningful in-person connections in our digitally-disconnected world.

I'm now the #1 Offline Dating Expert, an award-winning writer, and author of two best-selling books. I've also taught over 100 live workshops, reach subscribers across more than 130 countries, and have been featured in major media outlets including the Atlantic, the BBC, and USA Today,

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Camille Virginia

#1 OFFline Dating Coach +
Best-Selling Author

I believe that every day presents countless opportunities to find love. I’ve made it my mission to help you overcome your fears, unlock your innate connection skills, and attract your perfect partner in the real world. 

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While this article was written with single women seeking men in mind, as that’s what I can personally speak to, most advice is applicable to all genders and orientations.

So, if you identify outside of a heterosexual female, let me extend a warm personal welcome!

- Camille Virginia

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