Hi, I'm Camille...

Welcome to the wonderful world of offline dating!

Growing up as an introvert with social anxiety, I eventually got fed up feeling self-conscious around people.

So, I took steps to push past my social comfort zone and learned how to create meaningful connections with others.

As I practiced, I started getting asked out by men in the most random places: on a Southwest airlines flight, in the greeting card aisle of the drug store, while volunteering at an animal shelter, even in my own home by my cable guy!

As I watched the number of times I was asked for my phone number climb into the triple digits, I realized the absolute thrill of unexpected encounters.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re feeling lonely, you don’t have to – you can find love (and friendship!) all around you.

You have the power to change where you are in life, and I’m here to give you the proven tools to do exactly that.


With a degree in marketing, Camille Virginia has a decade of experience in the corporate consulting world, where she began to learn the secrets of building genuine connections. 

In 2014, after years of gradually overcoming her own social anxiety, she discovered her passion in life: helping singles ditch the dating apps and create better in-person connections. 

Camille is now an award-winning writer, founder of Master Offline Dating, and author of the best-selling book The Offline Dating Method. She is dedicated to sharing her authentic method and actionable tips to help people create a less lonely, more fulfilling life. 

She has taught over 100 live workshops, reached subscribers from more than 130 countries and has been featured in major media outlets including the Atlantic, the BBC, and USA Today

When she’s not teaching online courses like Find Love Offline or coaching clients across six continents, you can find her people-watching at a coffeeshop, enjoying a river float on a warm sunny day, or traveling to far corners of the world – sometimes on a whim. 

In her down time, Camille is an avid Shark Tank follower; has a soft spot for hard metal bands POWERWOLF, Sabaton, and Nightwish; and loves indulging in sushi and full-body massages – usually one at a time. She believes that cashmere and cocktails are always a fabulous idea.

Camille's Story