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Hi, I’m Camille Virginia!

Growing up as an introvert with social anxiety, I felt incredibly awkward around people and struggled to make connections.

I could barely look most people in the eye, let alone feel comfortable around guys or – eeek! – confidently flirt with them. 

When I went away to an out-of-state college knowing no, I knew I had to either push through to make friends or be doomed to become a loner. 

So, I started taking steps to push past my social comfort zone and learned how to create meaningful connections with others.

As I practiced, I started getting asked out by men in the most random places – like on a Southwest Airlines flight, in the greeting card aisle of the drug store, and even while volunteering at an animal shelter!

As I watched the number of times I was asked for my phone number climb into the triple digits, I realized the absolute thrill of unexpected encounters.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re feeling lonely, you don’t have to – you can find love (and friendship!) all around you and change the course of your life.

You have the power to change where you are in life, and I’m here to give you the proven tools to do exactly that.

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my experience + credentials

Camille Virginia's Bio

With a degree in marketing, Camille Virginia has a decade of experience in the corporate consulting world, where she began learning how to build genuine connections. 

In 2014, after years of gradually overcoming her own social anxiety, she discovered her passion: helping singles ditch dating apps and create better in-person connections. 

Camille is an award-winning writer, founder of Master Offline Dating, and author of the best-selling book The Offline Dating MethodShe is dedicated to sharing her authentic and actionable tips to help people create a less lonely, more fulfilling life. 

She’s taught over 100 live workshops, reached subscribers from 130+ countries, and has been featured in hundreds of international media outlets including the Atlantic, GQ, and Cosmopolitan. 

When she’s not creating courses like Find Lasting Love Offline and the Offline Dating Starter Kit, or coaching clients, you can find her people-watching in a coffee shop or traveling the world. 

In her downtime, Camille is an avid Shark Tank follower; gets her inspiration from spending time in nature and listening to Two Steps From Hell, Sabaton, and POWERWOLF; and loves indulging in sushi and full-body massages – usually one at a time. 

Crimson red is her favorite color, she believes that cashmere and cocktails are always a fabulous idea, and the way to her heart is by asking a thoughtful question (and truly caring about the answer).

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hear from my clients

Client Praise for Camille Virginia

"Camille, you clearly walk your talk and have tested and refined these approaches in your own life. 

You addressed some fundamental truths about being a human and being social. 

Thank you for all the internal work you’ve done to get to a place where you can offer this insight to other women.

Elena S., age 49

(workshop student)

“If you want to get into a really positive place about dating, Camille and her authentic approaches to dating are for you. 

Camille is charming, with great ideas, extensive content, wonderful energy – but above all, you feel empowered and with a fresh look at how to be around men.

Eleanor B. age 59

(private client)

“People crave connection but struggle to find it due to the stories in our heads. We judge ourselves and then don’t take action.

Camille does an exquisite job of putting her humanness, tenderness, and courage on display in her work. I appreciate her practical tips on how to form more authentic connections with the world around me.

Thank you, Camille, for your service to the world!

Louis Amoroso

Founder, Travel.Light.World

a few things to share

Fun Facts About Camille

camille virginia in front of the Sphinx and great pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Visiting the Sphinx, Giza, Egypt
  1. Empathy: I sense feelings as if they are my own and form deep, trusting relationships with people
  2. Discipline: I organize and plan, put systems in place, and love to build an island of calm amongst chaos
  3. Developer: I'm a natural encourager and see others’ capacity to change, grow and develop
  4. Responsibility: I take ownership of anything I commit to and make sure everything I do is quality work
  5. Consistency: I treat everyone with respect and people trust me to handle a situation fairly

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