PODCAST: Unlock Your Feminine Superpowers

Marlene and I discuss how to be both strong and feminine.
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Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Marlyne Pierce of the Modern Mogul series podcast – and I’m excited to share it with you!

Marlyne and I connected in a business coaching course a few months ago, and she loved my offline dating approach to the modern courtship process.

So when she invited me to be a guest on her podcast to talk about how to be an empowered female without losing my femininity, I was like, “Yep. That’s something I can speak to.”

I used to be in my masculine energy almost all the time (taking the lead, being aggressive) because deep down I probably knew it turned off men. 

And turning men off meant I was safe from getting emotionally involved – and thus able to be hurt by – them.

And back in the day when I was socially awkward and couldn’t even talk to men, it definitely served its purpose and kept them at bay – at least romantically.

But after pushing past my fears of being around men and realizing “Hey, they’re just as scared of us as we are of them – maybe more so”, I had to learn how to tone down my masculine energy. 

Don’t get me wrong, masculine energy definitely comes in handy sometimes – like making things happen in my business – but not so much in dating.  

It, understandably, sends mixed messages to men on whether we want them to take the lead or not. So it’s all about finding the right balance that works for you.

Podcast Timestamps

Check out these highlights from the interview at these timestamps:

* 1:44 How I got into the dating coach business

* 3:39 Why naming your fears makes them irrelevant

* 6:50 Follow your fear beacon to bust right out of your comfort zone

* 15:44 Your very simple, secret weapon as a woman – and how to own it

* 20:40 What knowing yourself and having confidence really looks like

* 24:03 3 Tips to meet men in a more flirty and sensual way

* 29:30 How to boost your confidence in the next 24 hours

* 30:08 Why women aren’t the only ones afraid of rejection

Picture of Article by Camille Virginia
Article by Camille Virginia

After graduating with a degree in Marketing, I worked in the corporate consulting world for over a decade before starting my business Master Offline Dating to help singles attract love in the real world.

But my true passion (and the secret sauce to my clients' incredible results) is helping people create more meaningful in-person connections in our digitally-disconnected world.

I'm now the #1 Offline Dating Expert, an award-winning writer, and author of two best-selling books. I've also taught over 100 live workshops, reach subscribers across more than 130 countries, and have been featured in major media outlets including the Atlantic, the BBC, and USA Today,

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