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how to get a date

3 Steps to Get a Date With a Guy Offline

Want to know how to get a date in real life (IRL) – 
as you go about your day?

Since online dating doesn’t work for 90%+ of users, time to ditch the apps and meet men IRL.

My simple 3-step process has helped thousands of women find quality men to date offline.

Curious how they did it?

the alternative to dating apps

Want a better way to get a date?

If you’re like most women I’ve helped to attract love, you’ve probably had thoughts like…

“I’m burned out from dating apps – isn’t there a better option?”

Maybe the closest you’ve come to come to finding a man you were interested in was that guy you met on Match, then went on two seemingly great dates with…

…until he dropped the “I’m not really looking for anything serious – that cool?” bomb.

Or the man who messaged you on OkCupid, for weeks, love-bombing you with compliments and details of the romantic dinner he was going to cook for your first date together…

…and then he completely ghosted you.

You Deserve Better.

You’re sick of wasting time on men who don’t want a relationship and can’t even be honest.  

You have a feeling you’re missing opportunities every day to attract love in your life…

But what you may not know is how to tap into those opportunities.

That’s where I come in…

the journey that led me to you

Meet Your Coach,
Camille Virginia

Hi, I’m Camille!

I’m the #1 OFFline Dating Coach, best-selling author, and founder of Master Offline Dating.

I help singles attract great partners in the real world – without having to brave the world of dating apps.

But it wasn’t always that way…

camille virginia as awkward teenager at Oregon capital building
Looking uncomfortable at the Oregon State Capitol

…I’m an introvert, and grew up with social anxiety. 

I was super shy not just around men, but everyone. I could barely even look some people in the eye.

I never dated in high school and felt incredibly awkward and socially clueless.

When I went away to college in another state, knowing absolutely no one there, those same social fears started cropping up.

I decided enough was enough. 

I would not let my terror of rejection or vulnerability stop me from making friends and creating connections anymore.

After years of taking small, intentional steps to overcome my anxieties, something amazing started happening…

…the number of times men asked for my phone number went into triple digits – without going online!

My friends started asking how I was able to meet all these men and create relationships so quickly.  

So, as a corporate consultant, I created a presentation on how to attract men in real life… 

My friends loved it – and after applying my tips, they started getting dates everywhere they went too.

My friend Anne credits that presentation with attracting her husband Pete.

I saw that the powerful tools I’d discovered could create amazing results for other women too… 

…so I started my business Master Offline Dating to help women everywhere attract great men IRL!

Camille Virginia leaning against a wall in a red dress shows how to get a date

Over the past decade, I have…

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results from course members

Starter Kit Course Success Stories

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I was asked out at Whole Foods

“I was walking out of Whole Foods and a guy approached me. I found out he was actually really cool, and we had a lot in common! Using your easy tips, I knew exactly what to say to engage him and show my interest. We’re going out next Friday :)”

- Mary S., age 34

hispanic girl with long brown hair and necklace smiling at camera

He asked me out IRL

I tried going out alone to my favorite pub – and it worked! 

I sat at the bar, and a man walked up and asked to sit by me. 10 minutes later, he asked me out! 

I apply the key tips you said, like smiling and not looking at my phone. This is now international – your tips work like a charm in Israel too 🙂

- Reuma T., age 29

Hispanic woman with short curly brown hair smiling at camera.jpg

Got a date at the beach!

“I used a couple of your tips with immediate success. I went alone to a different beach than my usual one. I was enjoying the sunny day when an attractive man started talking to me. We’ve had a few very fun dates so far, and I got over the hump of re-entering the dating scene after ending a long-term relationship. Thank you!”

- Elena A., age 49

a proven system

The Offline Dating Starter Kit:

3 Steps to Your First Offline Date with a Great Guy

offline dating starter kit_white

My simple 3-step system gives you the exact tools you need to get dates with quality men in person – and plenty of different options, so you can choose the ones that feel most comfortable for you.

You have lifetime access to the recorded trainings, so you can go at your own pace, fit them into your busy schedule, and reference the material whenever you need it.

Once you master these 3 steps (which happens very quickly, once you know how) you can start attracting  and knowing how to get dates with good men immediately.  

You’ll experience the thrill of being excited about a great guy again – without going online and wondering if he even looks like his profile picture.

My 3-step system has been tested and proven by thousands of women who've ditched the dating apps and attracted great men IRL.

The tips are authentic, actionable, and based on every human’s innate need for social connection, which means they work on – and for – absolutely everyone.

That’s how I know that when you apply these approaches they will absolutely work for you too.


FREE Bonus: 3 Quizzes

To set you up for even more success, I’ve included a bonus quiz in each module of the Starter Kit to ensure you’re retaining the key concepts as you move through the course…

Online quizzes are fun and help you retain the info you’re learning – which means better results for you!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You’ve had enough disappointments in your love life – this course won’t be one of them.

As the #1 OFFline dating coach and best-selling author, I take pride in creating the most unique, highest-quality content I can for my readers, clients, and students.

I’m so committed to helping you find an amazing relationship, and I believe so strongly in the results that the Offline Dating Starter Kit can give you, that I want to remove every reason you might not join this course that will transform your life.

If you don’t see results in 30 days, I don’t want you to pay – I’ll give you a full refund.

How to get a hot date irl

My Simple 3-Step Process

Radiate Self-Confidence

How to Exude Magnetic Approachability Before You Even Leave the House

Instantly capture the attention of a great guy

Subtly showcase your interest – without saying a word

Instantly Engage Him

How to Casually Start a Conversation with Any Man You Desire

Turn a draining conversation into an energizing experience

How to engage/respond to any man without risking rejection

Your Date Secured

Inspire Him to Ask You Out
(and Have Him Think It Was All His Idea!)

Shift your casual chat into a meaningful connection – or exit

The secret to inspire a man to ask you out on a red-hot date

student success

Quick Results

One of the best parts of the Starter Kit is that you can apply the tips as soon as you learn them.
That means you can get results within the same day of watching the course – like Sandy did…

Offline Dating Starter Kit student testimonial who wants to date 2


Your Complete Dating Kit

offline dating starter kit_white

$110 value

Your Price (for a limited time): Just $15

Click the button to get the Starter Kit at this super-low price, before it disappears…

Only $15 for lifetime access

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Your Questions, My Answers...

The Offline Dating Starter Kit is a go-at-your-own-pace online course where I’ll walk you through my 3-step system to get a date with a great guy in the real world – without going online.

It’s a step-by-step method tested and proven by thousands of women around the world and built on authentic and actionable tools, so you can choose the approaches that feel most comfortable for you.


I’ve had many men and people who identify outside of binary genders enroll in the Start Kit and apply the advice with success.

Because 90+% of my material applies to all humans.

As a hetero woman myself, I naturally share my advice from that perspective – but my content, resources, and tools can easily be used by and applied to absolutely anyone, whether you identify as a man, a woman, and/or a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Here’s a testimonial from a man who loved my comprehensive course, Find Lasting Love Offline…

“Disclaimer: This review is from a guy’s perspective…

Let me begin by saying that I finished this course in one sitting. I started this course at night, and it kept me up till two in the morning. That’s how engaging the content is. It doesn’t hurt that the instructor is captivating and easy to listen to. The course is very well organized and professional. Never once was I lost or confused. Everything was covered sufficiently.

As for the content, let me say this as a guy: All women should take this course! The content was highly useful for me – and I wasn’t even the target market!

Everyone will find that this course without a doubt delivers on its claims. Finding an instructor like Camille who is authentic and helpful is amazing. I look forward to future courses!”
– Ray

I also have dozens of 5-star reviews of my book, The Offline Dating Method from straight men, gay men, married women, non-binary people, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

No matter your age, living location, or busy schedule, you can get the power to find and build a loving, committed relationship with a great guy – without apps, swipes, or profiles.

My 3-step process gives you specific advice and actionable approaches that have been tested and proven by thousands of women, because the skills are based on your (and every human’s) innate need for social connection.

It’s a step-by-step system that walks you through exactly how to do it – not just a bunch of random information to wade through on your own.


If you have a credit card or a PayPal account you can purchase the course and have it delivered straight to your inbox – no matter where in the world you are.

Reading a book and taking an online course are two complete different ways to consume information.

Both can be helpful, but physically engaging with content in an online setting can help you retain information even better – which means better results for you!

Plus I’ve added a fun and easy bonus quiz for each module to further ensure you’re locking in the key concepts.

I’m happy to answer them!

Just send an email to me and my team at support@masterofflinedating.com and we’ll answer any questions you have.

if not now, then when?

Time Will Keep Passing You By…

If you’re reading this, I know a few things about you.

You’re smart.

You’re fun.

You’re a great catch.

You’re also sick of online dating and apps and you just want to know how to get a date with a high-value man who loves and cherishes you.

So… how much longer will you wait for him to "just show up"?

Or keep swiping your free time away looking through the overwhelming quantity (yet underwhelming quality) of men on the dating apps?

There is no better time than now to take the steps toward finding him.

blond white woman in red striped shirt looking sadly at phone

last chance...

Grab the Starter Kit Now

offline dating starter kit_white

TOTAL Value $110

Your Price (for a limited time): Just $15

You can learn how to get a date – without online dating – I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Click the button to get the Starter Kit at this super-low price, before it disappears

Only $15 for lifetime access

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t see results in 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how much I believe the Starter Kit will help you meet a great guy in the real world.

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